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Cosmetic dentistry is used to improve the appearance of your teeth. The following options are available:


Your natural tooth is shaped on each surface, meaning 2mm are taken off to make room for your all ceramic crown.  This is done in two appointments, the first appointment we shape the tooth and take an impression and shade to send to the lab.  You will leave our office with an acrylic based temporary crown.  In about two to four weeks you will return for your second appointment where we will remove the temporary crown and cement your permanent all ceramic crown.  This type of crown looks and feels extremely natural.





Vaneers are similar to crowns except they only cover the front of your natural tooth.  The vaneers are bonded onto to the natural tooth in one or two appointments depending on the type of vaneer.  Resin vaneers are formed at the office and can be finished in one appointment. Ceramic vaneers are made at an off site dental lab so they will take two appointments to be finished.  Vaneers can make teeth appear straight, brighter, and close spaces in your natural smile. 




Dental implants are a titanium artificial root placed in the bone to hold a crown, bridge, or denture in place.  This option is ideal for replacing single space tooth loss.  Dental implants have a 95% sucess rate and keep adjacent teeth healthy by maintaining the stucture of your jaw bone.








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