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Root canal therapy is nessasary when the nerve is damaged whether it be from decay, a deep restoration, or trauma.  At this point you may feel pain or pressure. Pressure and swelling will build if there is an infection present.  You may become sensitive to hot/cold, sweets or biting pressure.  Once the pulp or nerve is infected it cannot resolve itself.  The nerve will have to be removed and the canals will have to be disinfected. The nerve is replaced with a filling material and sealed to prevent further infection.  The only other option is extraction. 



A bridge replaces one or more teeth by using the adjacent teeth as a support.  The adjacent supports are called retainers and the teeth being replaced are called ponics.  The retainer teeth are prepped just like a crowned tooth would be.  An impression is then taken along with a shade and sent to an off site lab.  At that appointment you will be made a temporary bridge to hold the space for the permanent one.  At your second appointment you will have your permanent bridge cemented.


There are two types of dentures: Complete dentures, which replace the entire arch whether it be the upper or lowers. And then there are Partial dentures, which replace some of the missing teeth in an arch.  A complete denture is made of resin and cover upper and lower jaw.  A partial denture usually has metal framework along the jaw and metal clasps that go around two or three of your natural teeth as anchors.  Implants can be placed in the bone to anchor a complete denture.




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